Your order will ship within four days or 96 hours from the date you made your order.  When you order a necklace, you are ordering what you see on the site; the necklace you order is already made and ready to ship.  We keep a low inventory because the necklace you order is one of a kind.


CAROLINA LIGUORI necklaces shipped with a tag without a price or invoice.  The invoice is emailed to you at the time of the order.


All orders within the U.S. are subject to taxation.  The importing country’s government assesses taxes for shipments crossing international borders.   Duties and taxes are based on information provided on the shipping label, the Commercial Invoice, and other relevant documents.  Please note that some countries will charge additional taxes in your destination country to release your package.


We offer several payment methods via a secure site, including credit card payments.


You can cancel your order for a full refund within three days or 72 hours.  After 72 hours, your order will be in transit and cannot be revoked.  To cancel your order, please contact us via our site caro@carojewerly.com.


You can return your necklace(s) for a full refund within 15 days of receiving your order, and the postmark should indicate that you are within the 15-day allowance.   Returned items must be in the same condition, with the tag and packaging intact. You are responsible for shipping and handling when you return an item; carojewelry.com will not issue a refund for shipping.   You will receive full credit in the same form of payment as your order when the item is received in our shop.  We recommend that you send your return using a vendor that provides a tracking number.   Carojewelry.com will not credit you for items not received in our shop or lost in transit.  The return address is as follows; CAROLINA LIGUORI 10508 STONELEIGE ST FORT SMITH, AR 72908 Include your name, address, and order number.  Once the item is received at our shop, we will issue a refund within 1 to 12 days.  Please note that payment services like your credit card company may take additional time to issue the refund or to reflect in your account.  


We do not work with retailers; all our sales are directly from our web page at carojewerly.com.  We will not issue a refund for a necklace purchased outside our website.


carojewelry.com will not exchange your necklace for another, but we will issue a full refund following the terms of our return policy.


carojewelry.com will not issue a store credit, only a full refund following the terms of our return policy.


carojewelry.com ships using USPS or DHL, depending on your preference.


CAROLINA LIGUORI necklaces are a combination of materials; we do not recommend using chemicals.   Natural stones and Coral are porous and will get damaged if you use chemicals.   Materials like horn, bone, and shell will lose their luster if you use chemicals to clean them.  Lastly, some of our metals are genuine silver or plated gold, and will tarnish over time.

To extend the life and look of the necklaces, you can wipe any body oils with a damp cloth, but only if necessary.  Some metal pieces can get a patina color over time, giving your piece more character.  Your necklace will shipped in a cloth bag; protect your jewelry from scratches by storing it in its original bag.

Most CAROLINA LIGUORI necklaces include semiprecious stones and other natural materials.  In addition, most of our pieces are large stones that require a longer string to allow for movement of the stones or beads.  Therefore, you might notice extra string when the necklace is not around the neck.

We want your CAROLINA LIGUORI necklace to last forever; usage and care will determine its longevity.   Your CAROLINA LIGUORI necklace is guaranteed for one year.  If your necklace breaks within 365 days of its original purchase, we will repair it.  A CAROLINA LIGUORI necklace is
unique; you must provide all the original pieces to repair it, or it might look slightly different after the repair.  You can ship the necklace at your cost.  We will repair the necklace and send it back to you at our expense.


Most CAROLINA LIGUORI necklaces are heavy designs, and the specifications are in the description of each necklace.  We will ship your necklace in a certified 32 ECT Single Wall box, suitable to hold up to 32 pounds.  If your necklace arrives damaged, contact us at caro@carojewelry.com within five days of your purchase and include a photo of your damaged item.  We will work with you to resolve the issue.


A CAROLINA LIGUORI necklace is a design of multiple materials, and we purposely select beads or pieces that show character.  The necklace you receive will not look pre-fabricated; on the contrary, it is handcrafted, and 99% of the time, it will be one of a kind.   The necklace will be unique and exactly what you selected on our web page. We go even further and avoid embellishing the advertisement photos to ensure you receive what you ordered from the site.  We serve an exclusive clientele that values the piece’s artistic design and uniqueness.


We started with private customers, and due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we launched our website to make our design public.  We continue to work with private customers, and you can contact us caro@carojewelry.com  with your idea or request, and we will design a unique piece for you.
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