About Us

Hello, I am CAROLINA LIGUORI, and I design and handcraft necklaces because that is my passion.

Some necklaces are a combination of materials, including resin and clay.   However, other necklaces are semiprecious stones.   The description of each necklace reveals its components and all materials come together naturally to create a unique design.  I aim to inspire you with my designs and make your heart smile when you wear them or gift them to someone special.

I am located in the U.S., and my customers usually look for something unique that they cannot find anywhere else.   Many of my designs are shipped directly to the buyer.   Therefore, you’ll never see them.   I want to change that.  I have created this site for you, presenting a unique selection of pieces you can see and purchase. 

OUR Collections


I'd love to hear from you!  Please, submit your testimony!  Every single one will be read by me.  Your feedback is important to me!  Thank you!


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